Frequently Asked Questions



• Can I bring my dog? 
Dogs are welcome on-leash, Monday through Thursday, ONLY. ON Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, only Service Animals as defined by the ADA are allowed in the Patch. COMFORT OR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS DO NOT QUALIFY AS SERVICE ANIMALS UNDER THE ADA.

• Can I bring my stroller? 
We use wood chips as ground cover to eliminate dust, and the ground is uneven. Your stroller may not cut it at the patch. Strollers with wide all-terrain wheels seem to fare the best at the Patch. We do offer stroller parking, at your own risk.

• Can I wear sandals or flip-flops? 
We use wood chips as ground cover to eliminate dust, and the ground is uneven. For your safety, we must insist you wear sturdy closed toed shoes with socks.

• What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and all major credit cards including American Express. For your convenience there is also an ATM on site.

• Where do we park?
We have ample onsite parking, for more information please click here. Street parking is available, but be sure to check all posted signs.

• What is the age range for Mr. Bones?
Most activities are suitable for ages 2 to 8, but the petting zoo and pony ride may be appropriate for younger children as well. Check out our activity page to discover what fun things you can do here.

• Are you open if it rains?
In case of inclement weather, activities will close as a safety precaution.  They will re-open when there are no longer safety concerns. Updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

• Is there food and drink available? Can we bring our own lunch?
For restaurant and food truck schedules, check out our Food Page. You are always welcome to bring your own food and drinks, but leave the alcohol at home.

• Are costumes allowed?
Family-friendly costumes are not only allowed, they are encouraged!

• Do you offer college, senior, or military discounts?
Not at this time.

• What is your monster feeding policy? 
Do not feed the monsters after midnight.


Pumpkins & Retail

• How are your pumpkins priced? Is it by weight?
Most of our pumpkins are priced by weight, with the exception of some smaller varieties. Standard pumpkins start at 1.29¢/LB.

• What is the price range for pumpkins?
Pumpkins start at $2 and go all the way up to $600 (you’ll need a forklift, though).

• Are your pumpkins organic?
We offer a huge selection of pumpkins and squash including several organic varieties.

• Do you offer a pumpkin carving activity?
For safety reasons we do not; however, we do offer several carving kits for you to enjoy at home! We also have a professional pumpkin carver later in the season who can make a custom creation for you!

• Do you sell anything other than pumpkins?
Yes. We sell a wide variety of carving kits, apparel and home décor. The only thing we don’t carry is costumes.

• What do you do with your leftover pumpkins? Can I have them?
We love donating to schools and charitable organizations after Halloween for their upcoming harvest festivals. Please contact us with inquiries after Oct 30th.

• Do you deliver?
Delivery is offered on weekdays only, please email us at for pricing.

• Do you offer wholesale pricing?



• Do you offer group rates?
There is not a group rate, but we do hope to see you and all of your friends at the patch!

• Can we rent the pumpkin patch?
We do not rent the entire patch at this time.

• Can I have a party at the pumpkin patch?
Absolutely! Please visit our party page here.



• Do you have job openings?
We are always looking for great people to join our team! Please contact us at